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 A brand that educates children, youth, and women on personal finance skills.

About us

F for Finance is a brand dedicated to educating children, young adults and women about personal finance, thus instilling essential money management skills. 

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Fun, age-appropriate finance program for kids covers needs, wants, savings, banking, investment, and more, fostering financial literacy through engaging activities.

Thoughtfully designed program empowers women in practical personal finance, introducing concepts for day-to-day application, enhancing financial understanding and independence.

Expertly designed program introduces finance to college students, emphasizing concepts and practical application, equipping young adults with essential financial knowledge.

Fun 'N' Finance workshops and summer camps for kids, with hybrid delivery for non-Mumbai participants. Franchise model for playschools and coaching classes; special school and college modules offered.

Fun 'N' Finance Workshop

Explore the intersection of fun and finance in our engaging workshop. Learn practical financial tips while enjoying interactive activities that make money matters enjoyable. Join us for a unique blend of education and entertainment.

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